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Account Manager

Type: Direct Hire | Location: Carmel, Indiana
Role Overview: Account Manager

Account Managers reporting to Client Partners play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing client relationships while executing strategic initiatives aligned with organizational goals. They oversee project delivery, collaborate cross-functionally to ensure seamless service, and provide strategic guidance to clients. Account Managers drive revenue growth through upselling and contract renewals, advocate for clients within the firm, and track performance metrics to continuously improve client experiences. Their responsibilities include client relationship management, account planning, strategic advising, revenue growth, and performance tracking, all contributing to client success and firm profitability.
Key Components:

Client Relationship Management: Client Partners and Account Managers are responsible for building strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and ensuring client satisfaction. They act as the primary point of contact for clients, addressing inquiries, concerns, and requests promptly and effectively.
Account Planning and Strategy: Working closely with Client Partners, Account Managers develop and execute account plans that align with the firm's objectives and the client's goals. They identify opportunities for growth within existing accounts and develop strategies to expand the firm's footprint and revenue streams.
Project Oversight and Delivery: Account Managers oversee the delivery of projects and services to clients, ensuring that they meet quality standards, timelines, and budgetary constraints. They collaborate with project teams to address challenges, mitigate risks, and optimize project performance.
Cross-functional Collaboration: Account Managers work collaboratively with internal teams, including sales, delivery, and support functions, to coordinate efforts and deliver value to clients. They facilitate communication and alignment across departments to ensure seamless service delivery.
Strategic Advising: Drawing on their understanding of both the client's business and the firm's capabilities, Account Managers provide strategic guidance and recommendations to clients. They identify opportunities for innovation, process improvement, and value-added services that align with the client's strategic objectives.
Revenue Growth and Account Expansion: Account Managers are responsible for driving revenue growth within their accounts through upselling, cross-selling, and contract renewals. They identify opportunities to expand the scope of services provided to clients and negotiate contracts and pricing agreements.
Client Advocacy and Feedback: Account Managers serve as advocates for their clients within the consulting firm, ensuring that client needs and concerns are addressed effectively. They gather client feedback, assess satisfaction levels, and implement initiatives to continuously improve client experiences.
Performance Tracking and Reporting: Account Managers monitor key performance metrics related to client accounts, such as revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction scores, and project outcomes. They prepare regular reports and presentations for Client Partners and senior leadership to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Key Responsibilities:
Client Engagement and Relationship Management:
Identify and engage with potential clients to understand their business challenges and objectives.
Cultivate strong relationships with clients through effective communication, trust-building, and collaboration.
Act as a trusted advisor, providing insights and recommendations to address client needs and achieve desired outcomes.
Solution Presentation and Proposal Development:
Collaborate with internal teams to develop customized solutions and proposals that align with client requirements.
Conduct presentations and demonstrations to showcase the company's capabilities and value proposition.
Tailor proposals to address specific client pain points, offering comprehensive solutions that drive business results.
Sales Strategy and Pipeline Management:
Develop and execute strategic sales plans to achieve revenue targets and business objectives.
Manage sales pipelines, including lead generation, qualification, and opportunity management.
Utilize CRM tools and sales analytics to track progress, forecast sales, and identify areas for growth.
Negotiation and Contract Management:
Lead negotiations with clients to secure contracts and agreements that are mutually beneficial.
Ensure compliance with company policies and legal requirements throughout the contract negotiation process.
Collaborate with legal and finance teams to finalize contracts and ensure smooth transitions to project delivery.
Market Research and Competitive Analysis:
Stay informed about industry trends, market dynamics, and competitive landscape.
Conduct market research and analysis to identify new opportunities and market segments.
Leverage insights to refine sales strategies, differentiate offerings, and maintain a competitive edge.

Background: Bachelor's or Master's in Business administration, management, finance, marketing or any related field is applicable.

Required Skills:
Time management
Driving client communications forward
Stress management
Communication and PowerPoint creation
Management capabilities