RadCube Careers

Batch Operator

Type: Contract to Hire | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Role Title (i.e.., Architect, Developer, DBA, etc.) - Batch Operator
Required Skills: Minimum Requirements / expectations:
• 5+ years of experience in supporting Batch Operations and Batch Execution
• Experience with Batch Scheduling tools (ActiveBatch or similar) in scheduling and managing 200+ batch jobs with different cycles
• Strong Analytical skills with a drive to analyze and research Logs generated by the application programs written in different technologies
• Strong SQL skills to help review and monitor progress and analyze data pre/post batch executions
• Good Oral/Written communication skills to articulate and comprehend issues identified during batch execution
• Experience with working/operating in Cloud Infrastructure
• Experience with handling a variety of File formats (Flat Files, JSON, EDI, XML Files, CSV files, etc. in batch mode)
• Flexible/Able to rotate on different shifts (day/night and during weekends)
• Familiarity with Scripting to aid in automation and other ad-hoc needs
• Preferred Skills: ActiveBatch Batch Scheduling tool
• Familiarity with .NET, MuleSoft technologies
• PostgresSQL Database
• Cloud Infrastructure – AWS
• Local to Indianapolis area
• Experienced using Microsoft Office tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams) for communication, documentation, creating reports, etc.

• Monitor web applications, Batches in multiple environments such as QA, UAT, Production, etc.
• Execute Batches in multiple environments.
• Ability to multi-task and juggle between environments
• Provide support to team members
• Support team members in training/supporting on an as-needed basis
• Execute instructions documented in Batch Run-book, Standard Operating Procedures, Contact team members per call tree, Email notifications.

Expected Deliverable(s):
• Generate Batch Job Logs, Email Notifications of Batch and Application Logs, Excel Reports.
• Documenting and Maintaining Batch Run-book,
• Standard Operating Procedures, Call Tree

Interview - Zoom, with Video On
*project is moving to hybrid and prefer local to Indianapolis