Quality EngineerAPPLY FOR JOB

Type: Contract | Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
•Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technology field or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
•6+ years of engineering or other IT work experience relevant to the position.
•Strong problem-solving and communication skills.
•Willingness to work in a highly-collaborative environment.
•Solid understanding and significant experience with modern software development practices, tools, and/or hardware technologies.
•Solid understanding of IT security best practices.
•Strong experience with Test Automation tools
•Experience designing, implementing, and supporting complex technical solutions.
•Technical skills per the specific position’s requirements.

•Advocate, educate, and facilitate UI and API level Automation testing with teams.
•Reach out to teams as appropriate, create documentation around UI and API testing tool usage, keep application package versions reasonably current.
•Enable teams to deliver quality products to customers at a rapid pace using the right tools, processes, and people.
•Improve cross-team collaboration to ensure Quality is a primary focus across all squads/teams.
•Ensure key stakeholders are always aware of any delays, roadblocks, challenges, etc in a timely manner.
•Communicate timely and relevant status updates to appropriate personnel.
•Create structured, clean, and cohesive test cases for all new features and/or functional changes in the software.
•Implement high-quality, reusable, maintainable test automation code using a variety of automation tools and frameworks.
•Reproduce reported software problems, analyze data, and work with other team members to quickly resolve problems for end users and customers.
•Build solutions for creating and identifying test data for testing purposes.
•Ensure testing activities always grow collective team knowledge through strong documentation and notes.
•Collaborate with other Agile Teams and external teams to test integrated products and projects.
•Participate in communities of practice by following standards and sharing knowledge.
•Share testing knowledge and best practices with all members of the Agile team.
•Study emerging test tools, trend, and methodologies that will enhance existing system and processes.
•Build a deep understanding of Fifth Third products and services within your domain.