Healthcare Administrator

Type: Contract | Location: Indianpolis, Indiana
Summary of This Role

Leads cross-functional teams to provide agile-based project deliverables and facilitates the team's work to accelerate delivery of business value by ensuring adherence to Scrum methodologies and processes. Facilitates internal and external communication, removes impediments, and serves as the intermediary between multiple product owners, managers, and team members. Using strong communication, facilitates the project team through the Scrum process of Release Planning, Sprint Planning for multiple product owners, Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives in a fast paced environment with competing priorities. Sets the example for Agile methods based upon the designated principles and ensures they are understood and exercised consistently within the team.

What Part Will You Play?
Facilitates the Scrum process to include; Daily Scrum Stand-up meetings, Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives. Assists with internal and external communication, improving transparency and radiating information. Provides updates on the team's status and removes impediments to increase the probability of success in each Sprint. Establishes a team environment by building trust and creating transparency.
Administers the day to day progress of Agile. Uses a collaborative approach while driving decisions. Holds team accountable to ensure they are successfully collaborating and adapting to project and cultural shifts. Maintains positive relationships with IT and internal customers to help facilitate effective completion of project work.
Builds understanding of Agile foundation and processes. Assists with prioritization and identifying defects.
Promotes and participates in the continuous improvement of structure, processes and tooling to enable the teams to deliver more value. Adopts an understanding of the overall business and of the business and technical terms presented.
Develops and uses analytical skills to identify sources of impediments.