Lead Agilist

Type: Contract | Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Solid understanding of the Scrum Framework and principles of agility
Understand of how to build high performing teams that utilize inspect and adapt loops to continuously learn and approve
Understand how to use empirical data collection to benefit team and organization
Critical and creative problem solving skills
Able to present, teach, mentor, and facilitate at multiple levels of the organization, particularly inside of a team environment
Collaborates with other team members; values team success over individual success
Continuous learning regarding Agile, Scrum, coaching, facilitating, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, listening for self and team
Understanding of all software lifecycle development disciplines - Project Management, Requirements Management, Analysis & Design, Quality Assurance & Testing, Implementation, Deployment, Configuration & Change Management
Working knowledge of a variety of practices that support agility (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Test Driven Development, Automated Test-Driven Development, etc.)
Working knowledge of other Agile frameworks and ways of working (Kanban, Scrumban, XP, Mob programming, etc.)
Understanding of priorities and goal setting for teams and organizations in an agile business environment
Leadership skills, specifically leading by example (servant leader) and display behaviors that demonstrate the key mindset shifts associated with becoming agile
Ability to apply multiple approaches to the removal of Agile Squad impediments (e.g. cultural barriers, logistic challenges, coordination w/other Agile Squads and teams), where possible
When needed, escalate Agile Squad impediments to appropriate organizational entities
Facilitate communication, cooperation, and collaboration inside and outside the Agile Squad, including the Agile Center
Works to improve the effectiveness of all roles of the Agile Squad
Shields Agile Squad from external requests and interference to ensure the Agile Squad is fully functional and productive
Fosters self-organization, learning, and growth within the Agile Squad
Builds a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear
Other duties as assigned

5+ years of fulltime business experience
3+ years of Scrum experience
Strong oral and written communication
Experience presenting, teaching, mentoring, and facilitating at multiple levels of the organization, particularly inside of a team environment.
Experience communicating and removing impediments outside of team
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Coaching skills with the ability to communicate complex messages and teach new concepts
Ability to resolve interpersonal and organizational conflicts - strong mediator
Active coach and mentor whose goal is to grow and maximize potential
Brings high-energy and passion to the job with a focus on building strong teams
Ability to build a sense of trust and rapport that creates a sustainable & effective workplace
Ability to promote innovative thinking and self-improvement
Bachelor's in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, or a directly related field or equivalent in work experience