Cloud Consultant

Type: Contract | Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
We are looking for individuals with the following skill set to help with our automation.

1) Have a good undersanding of AWS services specifically in the following areas -
RDS, S3, Athena, ECS, Lambda, AWS Organizations and IAM policy setup
2) Architect/design/code database infrastructure deployment using terraform. Should be able to write terraform modules that will deploy database services in AWS
3) Provide automation solutions using python lambda's for repetetive tasks such as running quarterly audits, daily health checks in RDS in multiple accounts.
4) Hava a fair undersatnding of Ansible to automate Postgres infrastructure deployment and automation of repetitive tasks for on-prem servers
5) Knowledge of Postgres and plpgsql funstions
6) Understanding of PostgreSQL bdr, pgbackrest
7) Cloud/on-prem replication and vice versa

Ongoing projects require hands on experience with Anisble and Terraform and the ability to contribute to ongoing projects with minimal coaching. Therefore this is not a position for beginners and applicants should have a minimum of two years hands on experince in the skill sets listed above.